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Ladies and gentlemen — this is THE Bear!


Why a bear?

The idea of ​​taking care of one of bears from a Polish zoo came to us some time ago. We were always motivated strongly to fulfill the mission. Reports on the protection of native species such as wolves, lynx or bears additionally increased our appetite for adoption. Do not forget that the bear has been associated with the DONE! Deliveries brand for over 4 years now.

At the beginning, we did some research among Polish zoos. Representatives of the bear species were located in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań, Chorzów and Wrocław. We decided that the Wroclaw bears would be visited by our two-person delegation. Why Wroclaw? The main reason was, let's call it... logistics. The proximity of Wroclaw gives us the possibility of frequent visits to our pet. Teddy dream came true and we were introduced to Kora.

Our mission

At the end of January, we took the train to Wroclaw. After two hours, we met with the best ZOO guide in the world - Mrs. Joanna, who showed us the bears and their enclosure, We also could admire other native species — like wolves and lynxes.

The impressive bear enclosure is located on the side, it is large area that provides many attractions. It recreates natural living conditions of bears full of rocks, streams, waterfall and lots & lots of trees. Bears love to rub their backs against trees in order to sched their unfashionable fur coat from the previous season. 

The most important mission completed! Kora the Bear stole our  hearts! After talking to the representative of the ZOO, a decision to adopt a bear named Kora was done!

Who is Kora?

Kora is a twenty-two-year-old adult lady who lives with her mother on the bear enclosure. If you want to learn more about her — we have prepared a short "Kora résumé".

Aware of my rights and duties ...


Adoption of Kora does not end with our monthly financial support to provide her with all the attractions and varied of diet. It is a serious but pleasant commitment for years: frequent visits in Wroclaw, reporting Kora’s adventures, delivering parcels with presents (as you know we are really good at it!)

We promise we will keep you informed about our pet: how she is growing and what she does every day. You can see below what our "brown Wonder" looks like and what kind of food she likes — quite a wide range really. 

Look out for more news about Kora on our social media: FacebookLinkedInXing, Instagram, and when you are at the Wrocław ZOO — be sure to visit her!


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