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Cyclical frigo transports throughout Europe


As a company specializing in the transport of various goods, we often execute transports, where it is necessary to maintain a proper temperature of the cargo.

Among our staff of specialists, we have experts who are responsible for coordinating frigo and isothermal transports.

What do we usually transport?

Food and beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and even electronics and building materials that often require special treatment.

Our previously transports were carried out, among others, to: Denmark, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, France, Belgium and Ukraine.

Customers from these countries already entrust us with regular transports, which can be seen in the infographic below.

We take care that the goods we deliver are not subjected to fluctuations and exceeding the minimum or maximum temperature, as this could result in a change in the properties of the transported products, their usefulness or even a change in their chemical composition.

The transport of these loads takes place in specialized vehicles.
We have a modern fleet, adapted to all the needs of our customers. The fleet is equipped with trailers adapted to transport goods at appropriate temperatures.

More information about our possibilities is available here:

In brief- before loading, the inside of the cargo box is simply brought to the correct temperature and the air circulation inside is maintained.

The entire order organization is important and must be worked out in such a way as to ensure efficient transport by the shortest possible routes and without stoppages. Although appropriate control systems prevent temperature rises and maintain the desired standards, it is always advisable to get there as quickly as possible.

Do you have a load to transport that requires a specific temperature? Write at and we will take care of everything.


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