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DONE! as part of the e-commerce supply chain


E-commerce is developing very dynamically. It has now accelerated even further, opening new opportunities and possibilities for the transport industry. At the same time, it requires the highest quality and pace, and is also characterized by irregularity and seasonality.

At DONE!, we have been offering our customers flexible and tailor-made solutions for years - also extending to an e-commerce transports. 

Who's our client?

Logistics in the e-commerce business is mainly associated with the delivery of goods by courier to the customer's house. However, the transports from the producer or manufacturer to the warehouses and between them are also very important. AT DONE! we provide transport solutions for our partner forwarding companies as well as directly to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. We also support shop owners who need an efficient logistics operator. When preparing an offer, we analyze the market to provide the best solutions to the customer. We follow the win-win model, we aim for both sides to be satisfied with results.

What can we deliver?

Our e-commerce shipments usually include clothes, food and cosmetics. We also often supply household appliances, building materials, jewellery, watches, computers, telephones and other goods as diverse as the whole e-commerce market.

We carry out orders consisting of many products, occupying the whole car - full van express, as well as smaller deliveries - part loads.  

Where do we operate?

We deliver goods all over Europe, including UK, Scandinavia and the extreme points of the continent - Cyprus and Turkey. We have the necessary permits and documentation, which allows for the smooth passage of clearance or procedures related to operations in exotic locations. We take care of the selection of optimal solutions, if necessary, we use ferry crossings. We have already reached 50 countries across Europe and are still open to new directions.

Why DONE!?

Our team consists of about 140 specialists, including freight forwarders and programmers. We want our partners to be satisfied with the cooperation, therefore we ensure timely and safe deliveries, by the shortest possible route at an optimal price. We are supported by our own digital tools, built on the knowledge, competence and experience of our employees. They guarantee fast, electronic document flow and automatic statuses at every stage of the order.

Through efficient activities, we want to contribute to the development of the online shops we serve. We take care of the safety of the cargo entrusted to us, drivers on loading carefully check the security of the goods in the cars, choose the secured car parks, and the Track & Trace department watches over the transport flow 24/7. Our extensive network of 9600 carriers is able to guarantee transport solutions of any type, anywhere in Europe.

Are you looking for a reliable business partner for e-commerce transportation? Perhaps you require a standard or completely customized solution?

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