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Chocolate challenges. Do you know how to transport it?

Careful procedures are very important in transport of food, because every detail can make a difference. A good example is a delivery of chocolate, which is an extremely sensitive product, and it requires special attention and care. Chocolate can be transported in liquid or solid form – in bars.

Tank with isothermal solution for liquid chocolate.   

Transportation of chocolate in liquid form is possible in tanks made of acid-proof stainless steel, which are equipped with a heating system, i.e. channels distributing steam or hot water. Special requirements result, among other things, from high product density. The recommended temperature during delivery should be between 48 and 60°C. Too high a temperature results in burning of the product, while too low a temperature causes its solidification. Some of these tanks are equipped with a pump system that helps with filling and emptying of the contents. An original washing certificate is required from the driver on loading. The capacity of tanks ranges from 25 to 33 thousand litres.

It's worth mentioning, that it's forbidden to transport high quality chocolate in a tanker previously used for either oil or milk transport.

Temperature more important than you think - solid chocolate.   

Chocolate in bars is extremely vulnerable to temperature changes. It should be transported  at a temperature between 10 and 18°C, which is why frigo trucks are used to transport it. Even a slight increase in temperature causes not only changes in its appearance (e.g. deformations) but also in taste. At 28°C, the  product starts to melt, resulting in separation of fat. When the temperature drops, fat blooms - covering chocolate in a grey-blue coating. Moisture is also dangerous for chocolate. This in turn dissolves the sugar, causing sugar efflorescence visible on the surface in the form of crystals. Too high humidity and temperature, causes chocolate to mold. A ready-made, transportable product should be specially marked so that the transporters know how to handle it.  

Stuffed chocolates are also very sensitive to temperature changes. Here, too low a temperature is equally dangerous. Frost makes the liqueur inside (or other filling) expand, causing the chocolate to crack.   

The smell matters.   

Interestingly, cocoa products must be stored under odourless conditions, because they absorb foreign smells very easily. The higher the content of cocoa butter, the more chocolate is susceptible to absorbing foreign aromas.

The DONE! Answer

When transporting chocolate, all relevant factors must be taken into consideration, therefore all similar transports are handled by DONE! Specialists in temperature-controlled and frigo goods logistics.  

When starting the order:    

  • we collect all necessary information from the customer, especially the temperature requirements;  
  • we select the best, dedicated transport solutions for sensitive goods, ensuring the best conditions along the entire route;  
  • we select a trusted, reliable carrier;  
  • our Track&Trace department monitors the transport 24/7;  
  • we present an offer that is most suited to individual customer needs.  

We provide:   

  • efficient loading and unloading process; 
  • constant temperature monitoring, guaranteed by a temperature tracking and recording system; 
  • compliance with all sanitary requirements;  
  • maintaining appropriate temperature even over long distances. 

Do you have goods that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and require special care? Trust our experience. Let's become partners. Write to    


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