„Zapewniamy terminowość, profesjonalizm oraz usługi transportowe dopasowane do indywidualnych potrzeb”.

Co to właściwie znaczy? Bez rzetelnych rekomendacji,
doświadczenia oraz bogatego portfolio właściwie niewiele.

Nasze deklaracje odzwierciedlają wiarygodne opinie Partnerów, którzy obdarzyli nas zaufaniem na przestrzeni
wielu lat. Mamy nadzieję, że już wkrótce opublikujemy także Twoją wypowiedź.

We are working with company DONE! Deliveries for a long time
and we are very satisfied with the quality
and also the reactivity of people working in this company.
Delivery time is always respected and this company
has always a solution to propose.
We also appreciate the communication concerning the different transports:
an order is taken into account, goods loaded, goods arrived and more!
FR 29190, Lothey  
You’re the best partner!
Each day, we work together and you always
find the best solution for my customers.
Thanks to you, KUEHNE+NAGEL‘s customers
receive really good services!
I trust in you, it’s the most important thing to work peacefully!
Thank you! Change nothing!
Stéphanie ALLAIRE
FR 76150, Saint Jean du Cardonnay 
DONE! Deliveries is a real partner in our job.
Effective, reactive, responsive, attentive, and always available -
it’s a real pleasure to work together with your team!

Pierrine DELAGE
FR 22400, Lamballe  
DONE! Deliveries, company that listens to his partners,
responsiveness, and quality of optimal service.
Very good relationship with forwarders.

FR 18000, Bourges 
We have a long time partnership with DONE! Deliveries
They are always accurate in answering requests
and fast in finding a solution.
The operators are friendly and very good at their job.
We have full confidence in the work done by this company
and we hope to continue working together for a long time.

IT 50041, Calenzano  
I declare that our chartering department has been worked
with the company DONE! Deliveries since 2016.
Each time, service deliveries were perfect,
in particular, thanks to the strict tracking of the goods.
The strengths of DONE! Deliveries are :
- the speed of reaction
- the tracking of the goods
- the deadline compliance
- the kindness of the forwarders
I really recommend this company to companies
needing safe solutions for transport (express or not).

Clémence AYARI
FR 21600, Longvic 
We / Rotra are very happy with your cooperation as a new partner.
Your solutions are competitive (not always, but mostly).
We get a quick answer to a new request,
as well Delivery Info when it has been delivered.
(Remark on the „normal deliver sheet of you”
we cannot see who has signed as well what time!!!)
Let’s hope we will cooperate together in the future.

NL 6980, Doesburg   
I’m a very satisfied client of DONE! Deliveries,
always competitive solutions,
and service quality, even on the weekends.
Done is very good in selecting ambitious people
who have goals for themselves and their clients.

NL 6980, Doesburg  
Everyone in our office can agree with me
that we are very satisfied with your work:
•  Quick answers and always have a solution
•  We appreciate the fact that you tell us when
•  The goods are loaded and unloaded
•  A good reactivity when a truck has a problem on the road
To sum up – it’s a good partnership! 
FR 72210, Voiveres, Le Mans 
I only can say that working with your company is very nice
- The work you make for us is always correct
- We are always informed in time in case of delays (which happens almost never)
- We are always informed when goods are loaded and delivered
- The people of DONE! Deliveries are very friendly and also flexible
- In other words, it is a dream working with your company
- I am sure that in the future we will work together even more.

Christophe DEPLA
BE 8550, Zwevegem   
We use to work with your company almost every day
and we can say that we are working as partners.
We do appreciate your reactivity, feedback, deliveries on time.
Communication is clear & professional.
Martial DEBAUGE 
  FR 72210, Voiveres, Le Mans 
Many thanks to all of you for your great support during this year.
We appreciate working with you. Answers are always given quickly,
prices reflecting the market and the service is excellent
(f.e.: status information about the shipment, truck number, goods are loaded/unloaded etc.).
Communication with you is very friendly and professional and
you always find a solution for problematic situations if necessary.
We are looking forward to further cooperation with you the next year!

Saskia BRAUN
D 77767, Appenweier 
The number of joint business is constantly growing
thanks to the qualities DONE! Deliveries demonstrated.
Responsiveness, flexibility, quality of service,
information and availability makes that
DONE! Deliveries have become one of our preferred partners.
Our collaboration is a real pleasure!

  FR 25480, Miserey-Salines 
I'm very happy with my collaboration with DONE! Deliveries.
First, the reactivity is incredible.
My freight advisor is always the first to answer me.
After prices are very good and it is possible
sometimes to negotiate these prices.
It's very important for us and our customers.
The schedule is always respected.
The jo is really well done with DONE! Deliveries. 


Laurent BEGEY
FR 25000, Besancon 
I am working with company DONE! Deliveries since 2015.
Those people are really professional, serious and available for any information.
I’ve received information about loading and delivery times,
in case of changes they’ve sent me information soon enough,
and that’s really good because I’m able to react.

I would recommend your company to everyone, who are looking for a good partner.

FR 59435, Roncq 
DONE! Deliveries is a transport company that reacts fast to our needs
about special transports and they keep us informed very well.
They are always prepared to help us with special transports.

Martijn LOUWS 
  NL 2742 (RB), Waddinxveen   
We are pleased with your company,
you have always solutions for our transport.

A good communication when goods are loaded, and when it’s delivered.
And informations are given quickly, for example, truck number,
in how many times truck will be on loading place …
We are satisfied with your company, a good cooperation

  FR 54250, Champigneulles  
DONE! Deliveries is the perfect partner when the special moments come.
They know what to offer, how to offer and how to proceed
to fulfill their Client’s needs. They are definitely,
the perfect colleague to work with.

  IT 36400, Pontevedra 
We started to work with DONE! Deliveries some time ago
and since then I have one reflex for shipments all over Europe: DONE! Deliveries!

The reasons for that are very simple:
• ability to listen and understand my needs
• prompt & clear answers
• good & fast solutions
• politeness
• competitive rates
• IT system informing:
- order acknowledgment
- goods loaded
- goods unloaded 

FR 95503, Gonesse   
Me and our company are very happy to work with you.

Our freight advisor is very sensible and open mind
in order to listen to our needs, and always
find a solution for 99.6% in 11 minutes,
which permit us to reply to our customer.
He is very available, always happy on phone and very polite.
All my colleagues think the same and the same for people
which replacement him when he is out of office.

I hope you will have the same high-quality level for the future
because we really need to work with partners like you.

 Many thanks for all!

Jean-François SCHROTZ
FR 44470, Thouaré-sur-Loire 
I can't remember how long we are cooperating with DONE! Deliveries,
but we are really satisfied with the collaboration.

You are really efficient and reactive to offer the best solution.
In one year, you became one of our main partners.

  FR 13746, Vitrolles 

Je suis tres contente de vos service.
Vous etes rapides et efficaces et vous
arrivez a nous trouver des solutions rapidement.
En plus, nous sommes informés en temps
et en heure des chargements et dechargements.
Je suis tres contente de travailler avec vous.

I am very satisfied with your service.
You are fast, effective and you always find solutions for me.
What's even better, I am always informed
about the dates and hours of loading and unloading.
I am very happy with our cooperation.

  FR 57365, Ennery   
It is a pleasure to have a partner like DONE! Deliveries.

I also love your abilities to integrate the „new” technologies within your services.
Your triple mails „order accepted, loaded, delivered”
is something that, when our IT department allows it,
we want to integrate ourselves to give more service to our clients.
Also, the GPS map with all the location of all vehicles
is something very useful for a company like mine.

  BE 8930, Rekkem   
I would like to recommend the company DONE! Deliveries.
I have been working with the company for almost two years
and a half and I am very satisfied with their services.
They are very quick to react, prices are very competitive and they are very flexible.
Even during night time or weekend, we can reach the planning
to have update and status of the trailers on the road.
We had never any claims, cargo always arrives secured.
I would recommend this company for any rush order and competitive rates

  FR 69230, St Genis Laval   
Je me permet de t envoyer cet email pour te féliciter
pour ta rapidité de réponse sur nos demandes de transports,
sur tes prix compétitifs et du tres bon suivi, du chargement a la livraison .
Je n’hésiterai a recommander la société DONE! a tous mes contacts.

I am writing this e-mail to congratulate you and your company
for very fast answering time regarding transport issues,
your competitive solutions and very accurate tracking methods
from loading to unloading places.
I have no worries to recommend DONE! Deliveries
to all my contacts and colleagues!

 FR 59480, La Bassée 
We work with DONE! Deliveries for a long time.
Always ready to find certain solutions
and deal with unexpected situations.

Fabrizio SANTONI 
  IT 63010, Campofilone   
I am working with DONE! Deliveries for a long time
and I am very satisfied with their job!
DONE! Deliveries is a real partner for Chronotruck! 
When we have a rush order, we know
that we always can count on DONE! Deliveries!
They are really professional, serious and available for any information.
Even during night time and weekend!
I have never any claims, cargo always arrived secured.
I would recommend DONE! Deliveries!
Thank you for your job!

Aurélie DERIN 
  FR 78410, Aubergenville  
I want to tell you to thank you for our co-operation!
I always receive a quick answer and quick info/update about the job.
As you know the info is the bases of our work.
Your vans are always in time.
Since today you do really a good job for our company.
I hope in future to do more work together.
Many thanks again for your support!

Francesco COGNETTI 
  IT 22070, Grandate  
As a representative of BBL Transport in Nantes (France),
I can highly recommend the transport company DONE! Deliveries
for the following reasons:

•  Availability (even at "abnormal" times) and fast answer to all our inquiry.
•  Almost always solutions for express deliveries (but not only) throughout Europe
•  Price mostly reflecting the market and especially
with always a possibility of loading when we confirm the transport
• Systematic information on the status of transportation,
as well as any problems encountered during transport
• Friendly communication and flexibility if necessary
• Safe transport, no registered claim until now
• Without delay receipt of proof of delivery once the transport finished

In other words, it is a pleasure working with such a professional company
and I believe that our cooperation will be long and successful.
FR 44140, Le Bignon 
I appreciate a lot to work with DONE! Deliveries,
they are very reactive and an have excellent quality service.
Vincent PORTAL
FR 34500, Béziers 
Concerning fairs,
I am very satisfied of service with you,
because I know that it will be well done.

Service is on time, serious, flexible
and when they are problem, it is solved quickly.
FR44470, Carquefou 

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